Kildare Tooling’s range of high performance metal cutting drills are the highlights of our homemaking portfolio offering standard drilling ranges available from 3–30xd, micro-drilling from 0.05mm diameter, long series drills, U drills and indexable hole making options.

Our large range of high performance drills can meet the challenge of a vast majority of today’s manufacturing requirements. Various ranges from leading brands such as Maykestag, Sphinx and Kennametal are stocked in-house or are available to order for delivery direct from the manufacturer.

Impressive performance has always been delivered from our drills, with standard ranges available from 3–30xd and micro-drilling possible from 0.05mm diameter. The latest additions to our line-up have further added to our capability with long series drilling capable of up to 72xd. These are just a few examples of what can be achieved. Dedicated geometries and coatings throughout our ranges enable you to achieve maximum performance on all materials including the most challenging of difficult exotics.

Please see opposite for a selected range of our drill catalogues. If you have a drilling application which requires specific designed tooling please email the technical department at sales@kildaretooling.ie.